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JPW II - Four Months

Two Days, Two Months, Four Months, Nine Months and One Year




 Has it been one year already?  Time sure does fly when you have your hands full.  J.P. had a small party to celebrate.  Before that he had his very first haircut.  It started off fine, and then . . .  well just click on the link below to see how J.P. reacted to the clippers.

Click here to see J.P.'s birthday activities slideshow!!



Click here to see J.P.'s first picture with Santa!!

Click HERE for the Hunt-Davis 2006 Family Reunion Video !!

Click HERE for JP's first internet home video !!

(3.25 MB - Approx. 8 minutes at 56k)


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Click here for the Newborn Online Baby Slideshow 

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June 1, 2001

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Thank God for this Wonderful Blessing !


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